Any suggestion or recommendation for me

Today after playing with the free host blog ,(wordpress and blogger) for about a month or more ,I am thinking of changing a new wordpress and host on it own, Any suggestion or recommendation .

  • I will register 1to 2 domain name.

  • Prefer to have Site Builder tools for my sub domain web page.

  • Prefer support wordpress installation. As most likely, I will be using wordpress as my primary blog.

  • Any suggestion on which type of wordpress themes to use.
    With mail box

Your suggestion and recommendation is much appreciated

Check your luck

Today when check my blog found something that you may need it.

Feng Shui, BaZi and matchmaking In ancient Chinese traditions, it is believed that Ba-Zi(Ba-Zhi) and Feng Shui can control one’s destiny. Feng Shui, while involves re-arranging your physical living environments such as furnitures and house, is controllable. On the other hand, Ba-Zi is fixed and it is determined once you’re born.

What exactly is Ba-Zi? Ba-Zi (or eight characters) is an ancient astrology measure translated from the exact time of your birth. Basically Ba-Zi consist of eight elements such has year, hour, season, and other things. It is believed that these eight elements set one’s destiny in life. So this pretty much means that there’s not much you can do about it if you’re born with a bad Ba-Zi.

It is also believed that you should make the best life decisions based on your own Ba-Zi in regards to career, travel, relationship and living. For all you techies out there, here’s a link to a sourceforge site that has a software that you can use calculate your ownBa-Zi! The most interesting thing is that Ba-Zi is also used in traditional Chinese matchmaking. For example, when two people are about to get married or get setup with a pre-arranged date, both can have their Ba-Zi analyzed to see if they are compatible.

It is believed that a campatible Ba-Zi between two peoples in a relationship will result in a marriage with more happieness and better fortune. The idea is actually pretty similiar to western astrological signs. Have you and your loved one analyzed your Ba-Zi yet?