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Today when I check on this web site, I learn a great lesson .this site provide many info for new blogger like me to learn .

Here is a link that you can use to generate code for your tags. You just have to type in the word you want to use for the tag, and it will generate the tag code for you. Tag Generator.

If you don’t know what Technorati tags are yet, read on!
If you’re a blogger, you would probably like to increase your traffic. If you don’t care, two questions: 1. Why are you a blogger? 2. Why in the world are you at this site?

If you want to increase your blog’s exposure, make sure you’re using Technorati Tags! Technorati is a blog search engine, so getting your blog in their listings can bring you some valuable visitors.
How Technorati WorksTechnorati gathers the latest blog entries and organizes them into categories. They have thousands of different categories; your most recent post might fit in quite a few of them. If you play your cards right, you can get your entry into each of the relevant categories. If you get your site into a few extra categories, it will really increase your exposure, and the amount of people that will ultimately find you. Additionally, if other bloggers find your material and like it, they might link to it, getting you even more exposure.

In order to get into the proper Technorati categories, you have to tag your blog entries. At the bottom of the entry you will make some links that point to Technorati. These links are called Technorati Tags. To make this easier to understand, I will place the Technorati Tags for this entry here:

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