Diet and Exercise Keep The Invisible Fat Off Too

Diet and Exercise Keep The Invisible Fat Off Too
The internal fat surrounding organs like the heart that are largely unnoticeable may be just as deadly to your health as the fat you can see collecting, for example, around a patient's belly, according to a study funded by the UK's Medical Research Council.
Scientists came to that alarming conclusion after scanning some 800 male and female patients with MRI machines that plotted internal fat maps. I'm not surprised to learn both male (60 percent) and female (45 percent) patients with what conventional health experts would consider to be healthy BMIs carried around excessive amounts of body fat.
What's more, patients who kept a lid of their weight solely by dieting were more likely to carry around a major amount of unhealthy, internal fat too, just more evidence there are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight and maintaining your optimal health.
Even conventional doctors are beginning to understand that a nutritious diet along with the right amount of exercise go hand-in-hand in building and maintaining a patient's optimal health.
And, eating the food your body burns best, according to its unique metabolic type, and maintaining a prescribed exercise program will do wonders to get your there.

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