My First Experience On Blogging
”What do I blog about?” is the very first question I asked myself when I started blogging.
After which I have many ideas on what I want to blog about, and when I’m out, I’ll have inspirations, ideas and experiences that I want to share with you, but when I’m right in front of the computer and ready to blog, my mind is a blank. How I wish that my thought could be transformed into a post when it’s still fresh in my mind a few hours back.
In the beginning, I feel like I’m standing on the stage right in front of a huge crowd of people, and I have to be careful, to be perfect in my presentation. Thus, a simple post may take me no less than 20 mins to complete, while I try to make sure the content is perfect.
In actual fact, instead of spending time “perfecting” that one post, I should be making more postings and getting across more ideas and thoughts while improving on my writings.
Someone told me before that a blog is like a dragon, and you need to feed it constantly to grow it big and powerful, so that more people will take notice of it. Now, isn’t that what most blogger want?
Some of you may still be thinking of what to blog about, just simply post what’s in your mind, even a few sentence can build rapport with your readers. The more you post, the better a blogger you’ll become.

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